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The crankshaft has been repositioned and is now 6 mm higher than on the previous engine and, together with a 6 mm shorter con-rod, repositioned internal components and redesigned crankcases, results in a shortened engine by 20 mm, bringing the mass closer to the centre of gravity of the bike. The 250 cc engine is not only smaller, but also 1.1 kg lighter for an overall weight of just 26.1 kg. Overall power output is now rated at 46 hp at the output shaft.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system has been completely redesigned in an effort to improve mass-centralisation and reduce noise. The silencer is 40 mm shorter than on the MY15 FC 250. In conjunction with the new mounting points, the mass is moved approximately 60 mm closer to the centre of gravity of the bike, much improving handling and manoeuvrability.

Cylinder Head

The new DOHC cylinder head has an optimised combustion chamber, new camshafts with new timing, 30 % harder DLC coating on the finger followers to reduce friction and new valve springs and retainers. The modifications are aimed at boosting low- and mid-range torque as well as peak power.


The new FC 250 features a completely redesigned engine with mass-centralisation and weight reduction as the main goals. All the major components have been repositioned; the crankshaft has been raised by 6 mm while the clutch shaft is 11.1 mm further back and 26.9 mm higher up. These modifications required a complete redesign of the crankcases which are now significantly more compact and lighter.

Transmission: 5 Speed
Engine: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Bore x stroke: 78 mm x 52.3 mm
Ground clearance: 370 mm
Seat Height: 960 mm
Fuel Capacity: 7 litres
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